Building Real-Time Laravel Apps with Pusher

About the Workshop

The Real-Time Laravel with Pusher Workshop aims to be simple to follow and can be undertaken either in a class room environment or on your own as a set of tutorials.


This workshop requires you to have:

jQuery - but it's 2015? jQuery is occasionally and unfairly ridiculed. We've chosen to use jQuery as it's a library that provides some browser fixes and productivity gains, as well as it being something that most developers will at least be familiar with. It's a good foundation to built upon. If there's enough demand for Angular, Ember, React, Vue.JS or frameworkX version in the future we'll certainly consider it. Let us know.

Online Reference

The workshop can be found online here:

Which redirects to:

Instructor-Lead v Self Taught

When undertaking the workshop with only the GitBook text the idea would be to read all of the content. When you're at an event with an instructor guiding you through the workshop then they'll talk through some of the content.

If a section is instructor-lead then it'll be flagged with a and you don't need to read all the text in that section.

GitBook Workshop Source

The workshop text has been built using GitBook. The source of this workshop can be found here:

If you find any errors or have any suggested improvements, please raise an issue. Or better yet, submit a pull request for a fix or change.

Workshop Conventions

There are only a few conventions to look out for.


Anything marked with a indicates that this is an exercise that you should do.

Instructor-lead sections

As mentioned earlier, any section that will be instructor lead is flagged with a so you don't need to read all the text in that section since the instructor will cover it.


Informational notices will be highlighted in blue:

I'm an informational notice

Warnings will be highlighted in orange:

I'm a warning notice

A 2 Hour Workshop!?!

Yep, we only have two hours. Here's how we plan to achieve this:

  1. Introduction - 10 minutes
  2. Getting Started - 20 minutes
  3. Notifications - 20 minutes
  4. Activity Streams - 30 minutes
  5. Chat - 30 minutes

That's 1 hour and 50 minutes. 10 minutes to spare!

Fingers crossed!

Where next?

Since the two main technologies in this workshop are Laravel and Pusher, and it's assumed you've a good understanding of Laravel, it's time to find out about Pusher.